Slave Cabins, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, CC BY-SA 4.0
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Memory of the Netherlands - shared heritage collections

The Memory of the Netherlands ( holds several shared heritage collections that could be of interest for users of this exchange platform. We would like to point out the following: ** The collection on slavery: ** Collection of the Natural Sciences Commission for the Dutch East Indies : ** Colonial World Fairs: ** The Dutch Baltic Trade in the period 1600-1850: ** Description of the Dutch Caribbean : ** Drawings from the camps in the occupied Dutch East Indies (1942-1945): ** The Dutch East Indies in photographs, 1860-1940:'s,+1860-1940 ** England and the Netherlands: the ties between two nations : ** Indonesia independent - Photographs 1947-1953:'s+1947-1953 ** Japanese demands: ** Moluccan history and culture in pictures: ** The Netherlands – Japan: ** Pioneer photography from the Dutch Indies: ** South Africa in pictures: ** Surinam mapped out : ** Travel Photography Albums: ** Vlisco, a Dutch manufacturer of printed fabrics for West and Central Africa:,+een+Hollandse+fabrikant+van+bedrukt+textiel+voor+West+en+Midden+Afrika

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